Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Why I want to move to Japan...

Besides all the cute LED'S and blinky girls? Perhaps I got that backwards, but how about so I could sit around and play the Korg DS-10--the Japanese only Korg MS-10 emulator for the Nintendo DS!

With an elegant design and all the sounds actually being from Korg, how could I not want to move the stylus around the DS's touch screen and make dance music?

Let's take a look under the mini-skirt:

  • Two analog synths, each with two oscillators (and patchable!!!)
  • Booty [drum] Machine
  • Sequencer
    • 6 Tracks (2 synth, 4 drum machine)
    • 16 Steps
  • Effects: Delay, Chorus, and Flanger
  • Input: Keyboard screen, Matrix screen, and Touch-control screen (*real-time sound control mode in touch-control screen)
  • Play multiple DS's or exchange sounds and songs via wireless communications link
Heres a video via youtube:

And some pictures:

1 comment:

opusdelenda said...

I have a Korg MS10, but it never sounded that cheasy.
Also… Where's that beat coming from?