Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Weather Report

Installation by Jordan Hochenbaum and Owen Vallis.

Sonic Roadmaps and Rising Temperatures:

In interacting with the "Weather Report" table at the Sea and Space Explorations gallery I find myself drawing imaginary itineraries with a flat puck across back projected map of the United States. I understand with delight that the lines and arches I draw are generating a soothing curve of sound that is beeing broadcast thru the headphones I've been invited to wear.

I draw another line and notice that the sound loops the path I have drawn once I have let it go. Savoring the moment I add next to my curve the two other pucks I've been offered to play with. The word rotate is written on both of them I place one, then the other on the map and realize they are triggering little prerecorded sound loops and when rotated explore different aspects of the sounds.

I take a moment to enjoy my "composition" when I realize that were I to leave this arrangement on the table for the rest of the day or the rest of the week it would change and slowly morph as the map also features temperatures that are updated in real time.

When asked about the impulse behind the project, Owen Vallis and Jordan Hochenbaum whom are completing a BFAs in Music at Calarts bring up the idea of sonification: to appropriate data and translate into a sound event. " We wanted to do something that would end being different depending on what time of the day you were to play it and we wanted the listener to be his own performer"

Because "Weather Report" is experienced intimately thru headphones the listener/performer is invited to reflect on his personal relationship with the United States. Travels can be traced back, roadtrips planned or you might choose to draw little spirals over your home town.
Simultaneously the time based accuracy of the temperature mapping points to International awareness of climate control issues.

Jordan Hochenbaum and Owen Vallis are currently building a website for their project and catching up on sleep.
Until they have you can contact them here:


Sea and Space Explorations
4755 York Blvd
Los Angeles CA

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