Friday, August 29, 2008

New hope for my efforts to learn to sing

Making fun of Britney Spears is way too easy, and in very poor taste..... but I couldn't help myself :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hey, Muscle Man

How about you enter in our "Work-Out Music" Competition.
Have a 3 track EP with art by next Thursday (THE 4th).
Post it here as a comment or post a link to it or e-mail it to
Questions? E-mail!

New Michna Tune for Download!

Do y'all like Michna (a.k.a. D.J. Egg Foo Young, a.k.a. 1/3 of Secret Frequency Crew)? There are two tracks off of his forthcoming "Magic Monday" for free download Here


Doesn't this make you wanna take your clothes off and run around for ever the sweet forest of Sweden?

Hot Chip on The Tenori On.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I just wanted to remind everyone that we have an MP3 store on Klicktrack.

Check it HERE

Biggest Record Collection in The World.

The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Terrabyte III details

I found this poster from Tycho's myspace. So the date I said earlier was true. It's on September 14th from 5pm-10pm.

Here is a small performance line-up:

Test Shot Starfish
Dusty Brown

Again, highly recommended. Great visuals, great music. If you're not doing anything on that Sunday, go have at it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How to get into any club

These aussies prove that if you act like your the DJ you can pretty much get into any club.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Arduinome on cdm just did an article on the Arduinome project! Check it out... a lot of you might even see your own faces in the pictures...


Monday, August 18, 2008

New Squarepusher Tune

It's ROKNROLL. Stream it on tha Warp Myspace (click the title).

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Terrabyte 3.0 is coming next month

I'm sure you've heard of Terrabyte. It's an annual outdoor event at The Arboretum, created by Tycho and Test Shot Starfish - experimental, electronic dudes with art and visual installations. I've been to the first and second event and it's definitely worth checking out.

I just found out this year's Terrabyte (coined 3.0) will be on Sunday, September 14th (5pm-10pm). No details on their website (it's actually down - I think they're redesigning it), but will let you know when I find out more information. Last year, they asked for submissions for the art installations, but I think we should try to get Catalog artists to play there.

This event happens at The Arboretum located at 301 N. Baldwin Avenue, Arcadia, 91007.

Download free, rare 78rpm records in digital format - sample time!

Cliff Bolling, a 57-year old Portlander and 78rpm record collector, has created an archive of all of his rare, vintage 78rpm singles. We're talking over 3,700 titles and more to come.

The best part of all - it's free on his website.

Download them all here.

While you're there, check out his recording studio.


The Best Thing Ever.

Click the picture to fully appreciate it in all of its massive awesomeness.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our Webstore is up !

Our Webstore is up here.
And on this blog, and on our myspace page.
It's got previewing, gifting, and includes the art. Tell your family and friends.

Roots Project on XLR8R.

"...In addition to the music component, Minitek’s Innovation Pavilion will feature digital art installations and new technologies to create interactive sounds and visuals. Among the exhibits will be Jordan Hochenbaum, Owen Vallis, and Memo Akten’s Roots, an interactive installation for the Brick Table's tangible and multi-touch interface, where multiple people can make music and collaborate in a dynamic and visually responsive environment..."

Go check out the full article by clicking on the title.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Best cooking show ever

Beardyman the beatbox cooks up a beat for us in probably the most entertaining beatbox youtube video out there.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Speaking of Daedelus, he's playing tomorrow night @ Low End Theory

See below...his new album is dancy. Thanks for the XLR8R video, tmbrudy!

On Wednesday, August 6th, Low End Theory is back (hint) for another unforgettable night under the stars. We're proud to present a headline performance from one of our proudest family members, the one-and-only Daedelus. Opening set on the main stage by matthewdavid, plus an upstairs kick-off performance by Leo 123. All residents on deck for the sonic devastation you're accustomed to. As always (and with any Daedelus show at Low End) early arrival is highly suggested for this special engagement:

[Ninja Tune]
One of L.A.'s most daring artists, this young musical romantic weaves together a true "love-sound" that falls between honeyed melody and avant-electronics. Daedelus chops and splices disparate acoustic sources into incredible works of staggering resonance. Contrasting IDM styled cut-ups with childlike 30s arrangements, he has refined a style that has no imitators. Daedelus has been a stalwart of Low End Theory since our inception, and we consider him to be one of our residents-at-large. This night he returns home for his first Low End show in over six months.

It is indeed a pleasure for us to bring you a close encounter with one of L.A.'s most fabled new talents. His Spills EP on Plug Research exposed him to the masses, while his co-production on Flying Lotus' Los Angeles cemented his rep even further. Now, matthewdavid will unveil his new live show for the very first time. Witness the birth of another star on the Low End stage.

LEO 123
[Dark Party]
As one-half of Dark Party (alongside Eliot Lipp) and as a solo producer, Leo 123 has proven himself as a force to be reckoned with. An electro genius, Leo 123's beats have serious knock. Leo is on a West Coast tour right now, so it's only right he's rocking Low End for his Los Angeles date.

As well as your Resident DJs

[Alpha Pup]
Batting first on the Low End Theory lineup is legendary producer and label boss Daddy Kev. As a producer and engineer, he's spent the last decade crafting classics for the likes of AWOL One, Busdriver, The Grouch, Sage Francis, Mix Master Mike, Abstract Rude, D-Styles, Freestyle Fellowship, The Shape Shifters and many more. His DJ sets are a high-tech affair with Kev primarily engaged in live remixes, slicing experimental beats and hip-hop classics to shreds.

[Plug Research]
From his adventures on the road with Mars Volta and Prefuse 73, to his production and remixes for Postal Service, Mystic Chords of Memory and Busdriver, coupled with his own solo work on labels such as Rough Trade and Plug Research, Nobody is a living tour de force of creative genius.

His virtuoso skills on the turntables have been compared to that of Jimi Hendrix and John Coltrane. As a former member of Invisibl Skratch Piklz and Beat Junkies, he toured the globe, helping transform turntablism into a global phenomenon. Now, the legendary D-Styles is back on the frontlines of underground culture, shredding your soul every week at Low End Theory.

[Low End Theory]
Over the course of the last few years, Gaslamp Killer has established a solid rep for devastating beats and intricate cuts. This nomadic West Coaster has steadily smashed the scene from San Diego to Los Angeles to San Francisco, earning the respect of heavyweight players in the process. Bear witness to one of his epic sets and see what the buzz is all about.

Plus Resident MC

[Alpha Pup]
He's no longer a secret. After winning the 2007 Scribble Jam MC Battle Championship, Nocando has been catapulted to new levels of international fame. He spent many Thursday nights honing his skills at Project Blowed, and has broken the dreams and hopes of countless would-be-MCs.

Screening in the movie lounge:

Low End Theory goes down every Wednesday
@ The Airliner, 2419 N. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90031
18+ | $10 guests, $5 members | 10PM-2AM | Fully stocked bar

Daedelus on xlr8r tv

Check out the latest episode of xlr8r tv, they talk to daedelus about performing with the mono and his roots in music and other interesting things. a good watch.

Monday, August 4, 2008

b_d + _phex twin = yes!

A certain missing letter completes this title and if you read it from left to right will give you the video below. Thanks to Memo for reminding me about this good good thing.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

More info about those wicked Korg nanoSERIES

The nanoKEY, nanoPAD, and nanoKONTROL will go for $69!!! each and available sometime in October.


  • 25 velocity sensitive keys and 4 velocity curves
  • pitch and modulation
  • immediate access to the entire MIDI note range
  • control change mode (keys become MIDI controllers)
  • free downloadable Editor/Librarian
  • includes download code for the full version of Korg's M1Le
  • an upgrade path to the Legacy DIGITAL EDITION software suite
  • connection: mini-USB (powered! <>
  • dimensions: 320(W) x 83(D) x 14(H) mm/ 12.60”(W) x 3.27”(D) x 0.55”(H)
  • weight: 220g/ 0.49lbs.


  • 12 velocity sensitive pads (derived from padKONTROL) and 4 velocity curves
  • sends notes, controllers, or chords (up to 8 notes/controllers can be sent from one pad)
  • X-Y pad offers "Roll" and "Flam" modes
  • X-Y pad also sends MIDI Control Change
  • 4 user scene memories
  • free downloadable Editor/Librarian
  • includes download code for Toontrack's EZDrummer Lite
  • an upgrade path to the full version of EZDrummer at a special price
  • connection: mini-USB (powered! <>
  • dimensions: 320(W) x 82(D) x 16.5(H) mm/ 12.60”(W) x 3.23”(D) x 00.65”(H)
  • weight: 330g/ 0.73lbs.


  • 9 faders, 9 knobs, 18 switches, and a full transport section
  • 4 user scene memories
  • up to 168 different MIDI Control Change messages/MIDI notes with the switches can be transmitted
  • six transport buttons can each transmit either MIDI CC messages or MMC messages
  • an attack and decay time can be specified for the eighteen switches
  • free downloadable Editor/Librarian
  • includes a discount coupon for Ableton Live LE
  • connection: mini-USB (powered! <>
  • dimensions: 320(W) x 82(D) x 29.5(H) mm/ 12.60”(W) x 3.23”(D) x 1.16”(H)
  • weight: 290g/ 0.64lbs.

Check out the latest video.

Minitek Festival

Minitek & AirDrop remix competition

Had enough of myspacing all the bigshots telling them you are the next hot thing and send tracks that are never listened to? now is your chance to have your very own track released on a respected label!

minitek and AirDrop Records have partnered to create the minitek remix competition. Fase Miusic Sender, who will be making their US debut at the festival, is making their AirDrop release Lejano Oeste from their new Tres EP available for remixing. AirDrop's label owner, some of the label's artists and the minitek team will be the jury that picks the lucky remix to be released on AirDrop.

As an up and coming label, AirDrop focuses on discovering new talents. The NYC and Buenos Aires based label has already proven itself as a respectable imprint with bangers from Fase Miusic Sender, Franco Cinelli, Soul Clap, several other talented mini-tech-house artists from around the world.... and soon maybe you!

For the competition, we will make the parts of Fase Miusic Sender’s Lejano Oeste available for remixers to download, work on and transform into one or more bomb track. Parts will be available in the next few days, but check their track on beatport for the time being! The winning remix will be released on AirDrop and presented at the festival...!

Details about runner up prize packages will be released soon!

A few sites from my feed collection

No Rockstars - a huge downloadable collection of DJ sets from UNKLE to Carl Cox to Sasha to Modeselektor to Resident Advisor DJ sets, and so on. This is gold.

Samurai.FM - one of the better FM sites that has solid content. it only streams, but if you have the right tools, you can snatch it from their site. it doesn't natively have a feed, so i created three for the three parts of the website:

Beta Lounge - also one of the better sites with solid content. a bunch of streaming dj sets. it also doesn't have a native feed, so here's one i created:

Update: Beta Lounge site now has a feed link. Link above has been updated. And here's another I just discovered:

Electronic Explorations - downloadable DJ sets.

Cash Remixed out October 14

Remix album of Johnny Cash Tracks is coming out in october, featured artists include friend of the blog machinedrum, Pete Rock, Snoop Dogg, Midnight Juggernauts, The Heavy, Apparat and more!

Check out the making of video below:

Go to and stream through the whole album.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Chromeo interview on

Read this interview from with chromeo, talk about creative processes and "Boom, krak! Boom-boom. krak!"

blue and yellow from edison