Tuesday, October 28, 2008

LA Fashion Week - Winter '08

Jared Gold @ Union Station, Downtown Los Angeles

It's remarkable really, that one could actually commandeer the use of the only major train station I know of in Los Angeles for a fashion show. I guess if you find yourself thirty-plus sponsors - including AMTRAK (there's the clincher) - then anything is possible. Suffice to say that the clothes were brightly colored and wildly eclectic - think Sofia Coppola's 'Marie Antoinette' on acid, on a ship lost in the Bermuda Triangle. Seriously. While you're trying to picture that, people are actually buying the clothes (bargain-basement-style) to one side of the catwalk. My wife is thinking to herself, "So this is how it's done in LA....interesting." For a more precise and thorough account of the show, you should contact Michael Duarte and Matthew Mishory from Iconoclastic Management - two ambitious guys that I understand to be responsible for this little shin-dig.

Ur Not In Fashion @ Box Eight, Further Downtown LA

From Union Station we headed south to one of BOXeight's Studios - a great spot run by Peter Eaton Gurnz, hiding in a sort of industrial wasteland hear the 10 freeway. We were impressed by the turnout at such a late-starting show - I don't think it started until about midnight. Ur Not In Fashion Clothing was solid, upscale-casual LA attire - think acid-wash denim, silk-screened t-shirts...etc One had to wonder though, why they played music on the stereo of a lowrider that found its way into the studio. Sure, it looked cool, but it sounded like ass. 
DISCLAIMER: beware the gimmick - if you don't think these things through, they just might do you a disservice. All in all, I'd say it was a successful night for all involved - the lime energy drinks and vodka made sure it ran late.

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