Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hybrid Hipsters Walk The Streets

Yuppies are a thing of the past, and Hipsters are becoming increasingly rare. Have you noticed the new hybrids that are moving into your neighborhoods and taking up bar space at your local watering-hole? These are crossbreeds - a new generation. The "Yupsters" are young, up-and-coming people with keener, less preppy fashion sense; find them in Echo Park, Downtown Los Angeles and scattered across town. The "Richsters" are trust-fund hipsters - rich kids posing as hipsters; these are harder to spot, due to their attention to detail in emulating their more authentic ancestors. You are very likely to rub shoulders with a good mix of these types when visiting Intelligentsia Coffee at Sunset Junction. Feel free to appropriate these terms, use them excessively, and call out these space-invading creatures. Pigeon-holing is fun.

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