Thursday, May 8, 2008

I Do Not Love Uffie!

I was listening to the Justice album today and couldnt help thinking: "Goddamn, this song with Uffie fucking suuuuuuuucccckkkksss!!!!" What fucking utter bullshit. "Lets get fresh and freaky right." No. Lets all find Uffie and remove her voicebox. Ive never heard so many inane lyrics come out of one person's mouth, in fact, she has got to be ten times worse than Vanilla Ice. And ya, she sounds cute on a few tracks, but cute as in, aww, I'd fuck her, not cute as in, ahhh, what a cute and beautiful voice she has, or something. I m gonna make my little neice a bigger star one day! Ill just say, "ok Jazzy, think of the dumbest things to say and then, pretend to rap!" You, know, just talk about your "bling, and hooking up with losers and how cool you are at the club!"

and yet...Uffie's prolly making some decent cheddar off this shit. All hail the imbecile!

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