Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Put your money on ALOC.

ALOC at the Whisky a Go Go, Friday July 13th.
By Jasmin Blasco.

In watching ALOC play the other night I was reminded of the good things in life:
tight musicianship, solid songwriting, ripping guitar solos.
No gimmicks no dress up, just the goods.
While waiting for the show to start I walked up the strip and noticed the upcoming events at the Key Club; one them was called Metal School promising the Vegas version of a David Lee Roth show
This reminded me that in this day it’s unfortunate that classic metal is only appreciated as a caricature of itself.
Why have self-aware irony when you can listen to a band playing original material that just rocks.
ALOC is a trio led by Alexy on guitar and vocals. They gallop, they shred, they have tom rolls, bass solos and if that’s not enough they write good songs. Just go and listen to them.
Hit them up if you want them to rock your next party or you wanna get schooled at soccer; but I must warn you, don’t let Alexy catch a glimpse of you in gym shorts:he’s weird like that.

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