Friday, July 27, 2007


Fancy Footwork Tour
Thursday, 7/26/2007
The EchoPlex
By S. Haynes.

Chromeo and Flosstradamus played at Cinespace on Tuesday, but who wants to dance on carpeted floors and see people go crazy over Paris Hilton? If you ask me it was all about the show at the EchoPlex. Not only do I like the EchoPlex better than Cinespace but also because I was going there to assist my friend and doggie babysitterMichael Reich. (Watch for the release of the Shin's new music video "Turn on Me" – he directed it and it stars my one eyed pup, Ichi), I got to waltz past the long lines that lead away from the entrance to about a block away. Turns out they had to turn away 300 people… even from the will call line. Finally we interviewed both Chromeo and Flosstradamus at the end of the night (around 3am).

The show was incredible. I was in the center-front, right up near the stage, dancing and being pushed around like a little guppy in a storm, surrounded by an incredible amount of energy, enthusiasm, SWEAT, and drunk bitches taking pictures of each other and the bands. "It was a Chromeo hot dog with a Flosstradamus bun- Chromeo, then Flosstradamus again wrapping up the night. At the end of the show (around 2am) two girls were walking around looking for their car keys. One of them points at a tic-tac and says, "Oh my gosh… there are so many pills on the floor."

As Dave One, the ladies man, acquaints himself with a fan, we interview Flosstradamus first. Michael Reich and Curt from Flosstradamus notice have the same watch in gold and silver, and start admiring each other's and eventually do a trade/test drive. Before the interview starts, I ask how the Cinespace show was and Josh simply says "Paris Hilton." Eventually Michael starts asking the interview questions and Curt shows me some phone/thing that looks like one of those blackberries. I start playing Super Nintendo's Mike Tyson's Punch Out! …. So I wasn't paying attention to their interview much… In the end Michael and Curt decided they liked their own watches better and traded back.

We finally find Dave One and P-thug. 
"Are you going to interview us?" Dave One asks me as Michael starts messing with his video camera.
"No… Michael will be interviewing you. I'm his assistant," I reply.
"Oh, you can talk! I thought maybe you didn't speak English or anything because you haven't said a word to me," he says.
This is where I pull a weirded out face.
During small talk, he says he is surprised at how big the turnout in Los Angeles is.
"Anywhere else, we would have been excited to even fill the small room upstairs," he says, referring to the Echo.
"What is the best thing about feet?" Michael asks.
"The best thing about feet is that you can put Jordan's on them", Dave replies.
P-Thug nods and agrees.
"What kind of shoes do you wear?" Michael asks, to which Dave replies "Jordans".
P-Thug nods and says, "I have Jordan ones, twos….threes… fours…. um… fives… and huaraches."
They start talking about music videos and their tour (Theyre flying to Japan the following morning for the Fuji Rock Festival) while I start eating the most amazing grapes ever, and then I get hand fed some by Dave for a tight picture.


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Austin said...

I hate when I mix up my tic-tacs for my pills. I reach in my pocket, and I'm all like, "god damn it, who put all my pills in this tic-tac box??"

"oh, hey."